The digital platform for

Traditional Commerce

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How close are your suppliers to you!

Q'cerka comes from the spanish "que cerca" meaning so close; this is our misión, to connect supplies.

We are a platform that connects traditional trade on an efficient manner, by digitalizing the process between suppliers and vendors; this way we open bigger opportunities and making the trade stronger .


We help you take control of your business, increasing the potential for better decision making.


Being connected allows you to obtain information the 24 hours of the day, this helps manage the communication between supplier and vendor in an easy and fluid fashion. Enhance your business’s productivity!

¿Who is Q'cerka for?

Through an integrated digital ecosystem, we bring suppliers and vendors closer together.


Corner Stores

Stock up your store from any location, directly with the supplier!



Connect with your clients 24/7 and increase your presence in the market.



Distribute your products in an orderly and efficient manner, improving your delivery process.

Web app characteristics

Q’cerka is an easy and fast digital trade tool. Find your favorite products and suppliers!


Make your order to your supplier of choice.

Search tool

Find the product you need easily and quickly.

Product Categories

Access your products in an orderly manner.

mobile doble

Special offers and promotions

Find products at the best prices, discounts or gifts for your store.

Shopping cart

Review and verify the details of your order to stock your store.

Favorites cart

Add your favorite products to make an order faster.


Q’cerka selects their partners cautiously, in order to enhance traditional trade. We create technological solutions to obtain better results and comply with each and every client!



Ramiro Rodriguez

Partnerships & Sales

Bolivian serial entrepreneur bringing CPG, retail and partnerships experience from founding four B2B tech startups across LATAM

Benton Peret

Product & Marketing

American management consultant bringing marketing, and product experience from building Accenture’s CPG commerce  practice.


Henry Carr

Operations & Scaling

American operator and entrepreneur bringing PMF and operations scaling experience from building Uber Eats and scaling Uber’s other bets.


What is Q'cerka?

It is a digital assistant that allows the order of a variety of products to stock your store.

How do I make an order in Q’cerka?

Contact your supplier and ask them for registration.

What is the cost of making an order with Q’cerka?

Making an order for your store is free, there is no additional charge.

After I make an order, when will it arrive?

This will depend on the supplier’s delivery schedule, but we are working on a 24hrs schedule.

How do I pay my order?

The method of payment through Q’cerka is cash on delivery.

If I have a problem with the web app, who should I contact?

Contact with customer service online or via the phone (+591)-62703333.